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Skin Hunger

on May 26, 2014

I recently heard at church about a new phenomena:

Skin Hunger

I was a bit shocked to hear and read further about it .

Please see link:

It seems so real since I am seeing this everywhere.. Kids have mobiles, parents have ipads and its a growing issue.

Of course we need the mobile technology in this era, but I too think its taking us away from what is real.. being human..

I have to confess I too am becoming a part of increasing Skin Hunger. But I am thanking God that I heard this now while I can still correct it.

Parents, I know it is very easy to find relief in social technology, but it is not real when our kids are requiring us now. They will soon grow up and follow our steps.. and we will be craving for their attention when all this fancy wears off..

Adults who have living parents, please remember your parents at their time of old age.They still need your presence in their life and would love to see you often. Remember that life is short and regrets will haunt us forever.

Find relief in the Lord and our love for one another.

Hope everyone had a safe Memorial day weekend.

Until next time…


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